1 Year Warranty

The units are relatively straight forward to install and can be likened to a washing machine in many respects. Your plumber should run hot and cold-water feeds to the rear of the unit with connections for the unit’s standard braided hoses. Please make sure your plumber runs water through the new pipes into a bucket before connecting the pipes to the shower.

The steam shower comes with a pre-connected flexible drain hose that requires installation into your home’s drain piping.  The unit comes flat-packed and the constituent acrylic panels, aluminum columns and glass are connected using screws and bolts that are provided. To complete installation it is important to make sure the unit is carefully sealed with standard bathroom silicone to avoid any water leakage.

Yes. Each steam shower is supplied with both installation instructions and a user guide. These guides should answer all your questions but if you have any additional questions then our customer service team are always on hand to help.

The unit comes with all the water pipes necessary to connect the unit’s own massage jets and showering functions. In addition, the unit has two flexible hoses to connect to your home’s hot and cold-water supplies. Connected to the shower drain is a 4 feet flexible hose in length.

Yes, we offer the installation and bath renovation, by our partners licensed teams, plumber and contractor, they will be able to install the steam shower unit. We provide phone technical support if needed upon request. Professional installation is recommended. This service needs extra charges.

During a steam session a large quantity of steam is produced and is largely trapped within the steam shower. Once the door is opened the steam will quickly expel into the room. It is important to have good ventilation to allow this steam to escape from the bathroom otherwise the steam will condense in your bathroom and could lead to mould or other related problems in the future. The build up and condensation of the steam can also be likened to that of a long hot shower.

If the room has a window then opening this window will quickly expel most of the steam from the bathroom and provide good ventilation. An extractor fan is not essential although good ventilation is an important consideration.

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