1 Year Warranty

Your steam shower will arrive in 1-3 wooden or less wooden or crates and all crates will go through any door way of 28″ or wider.

Unlike some stories we have been told, our steam showers come largely pre-assembled with the massage jets, electric wiring and water pipes already connected. The unit is supplied with its constituent panels flat-packed for easy maneuvering through doorways. These adjoining panels will be bolted together and sealed with silicone to provide a relatively straight forward installation. Simply connect any pipes/wires that join the plumbing/electrics between adjacent panels, hook up your hot and cold-water feeds, electric supply and waste drainage and you are ready to go.

The seam shower will need to have the wall finished and the floor first before installing the shower. Never tile around it. The floor is the most important because if you tile around the shower, you won’t have a way to slide the unit out if you need access to the back of the unit. To service the unit, you will require an access panel the back. If an access panel is not available, then you will need to slide the unit out.

Yes we offer the installation and bath renovation, by our partners licensed teams, plumber and contractor, they will be able to install the steam shower unit. We provide phone technical support if needed upon request. Professional installation is recommended. This service needs extra charge.

Standard house hold water pressure of 40-60 psi is about what you need for all functions to work properly.

The steam generator is already built into the back of the unit towards the bottom.

The steam shower comes with everything required for successful assembly.

Yes, aromatherapy can easily be used inside the steam emitting cup.

Our Steam Showers are easy to maintain if you follow these guidelines and cleaning recommendations.


To treat the ceiling, flooring or wall of the steam shower is it recommended that you rinse it out after each use to help prevent a buildup of soap or bath products. To care for the acrylic clean, it regularly with a mild cleaner and a soft sponge or brush.

Avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the acrylic finish and if exposed, rinse away immediately. Do not use any cleaner that is not safe for acrylic or plastic as stated on the container.

To maintain the shine on the acrylic, wax and polish the surface with car wax. This can buff out and minor scratches and restore a dull surface. Do not wax the areas where you would walk or stand.


To avoid soap deposits or hard water build-up on the glass, wipe dry after each use. We recommend using a squeegee after each use.

Cleaning the glass regularly or weekly, we recommend using a daily cleaner, such as Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner. Using this will delay and fight the build-up of soap scum and hard water spots. You may also use any natural cleaner or daily cleaner that will not harm your shower. Remember to also clean the outside of the glass as well. Use Windex or another glass cleaner and wipe way with a soft cloth or towel.

It is inevitable; you will get hard water sports and a build-up of shower product on the glass of your stream shower. When this happens, try a natural solution first before turning to a harsher chemical. Use an equal solution of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Allow this to sit for 5 to 10 minutes on the build up before using a sponge to scrub. Rinse with cool water. If the spots still persist, use a product designed for calcium and lime deposits. Follow all instructions on the container.

To help combat watermarks, spots and build up, you may use Rain-X on the glass only. Follow instructions on the bottle.


To prevent a buildup of water and shower product, it is recommended to wipe down the tracks each time you use the steam shower. Drying the area will combat a buildup and/or mold.

Cleaning the metal tracks and pieces on your steam shower can easily be done. One tip is to fill the bottom track with vinegar, careful to plug any holes so it can sit in the track overnight. Rinse the vinegar away in the morning and wipe clean.

Another tip is to use a cleaner designed for the shower that is safe on metal and use a toothbrush or small soft bristle brush to get in the hard to reach places. Once you finish scrubbing, rinse and dry the area.

The inline Heat Pump is attached to the water pump, and the heat pump will maintain the water temperature in the tub portion of the unit.

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