1 Year Warranty

You do not have to use the flex drain assembly. You have the option to hard pipe at your discretion. Please note that if you choose to do a hard piping then you will need to create an access panel in the back for access.

You will need to create an access panel in the back of the unit. If you do not have an option to create and access panel, then you will need to slide the unit out. You don’t have to uninstall the tub since it comes with a flexible drain line that’s included. The tub has 4 adjustable feet which it rests on and that makes moving it off the wall to get access very easy.

We only have stainless steel fixtures available. If you swap out for different set of fixtures, you will need to make sure the holes match.

Ultra smooth Acrylic construction for durability and strength with reinforced fiberglass.

You will need about 12” for the clearance. How Much Space Is Underneath the Tub for Pipes and Drain?

The space underneath the tub for pipes and drain is 5” inches.

The overflow is hooked directly to the drain.

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